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Our copiers are of the highest quality and are regularly maintained to ensure that they are always working at peak performance.


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Why Choose 1-800 Office Solutions?

At 1800 Office Solutions, we understand that having the right equipment can make all the difference in your business operations. That's why we offer top-of-the-line commercial copiers, tailored to your specific needs. Our expert support team is here to help you choose the right copier, set it up, and ensure smooth operation.

But it's not just about the equipment - it's about saving time and money while improving productivity. Some of our commercial copier leases come with unlimited print, which means you can print as much as you need without worrying about costs. And with our free installation service, you can have your copier set up and ready to use without any hassle.

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Mario Richardson

Great company, fast response with good engineers and all at an incredibly reasonable price. We rented a Canon photocopier/printer for our office and have never had any issues, quality machine & quality service from 1800 Office Solutions.

Katie McCarty

I was skeptical at first, but the team at 1800 Office Solutions truly delivered on their promise to save me money on my commercial copier bill. The process was quick and easy, and their team of experts was there to answer any questions I had along the way. I highly recommend their service to any small business owner looking to save money on their office equipment!

Davis Stratos

They exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only did they provide me with a custom quote that saved me money on my commercial copier, but they also offered exceptional customer service. Their team was friendly, knowledgeable, and always available to help me out. I will definitely be using their service again in the future!

Office Copier Lease / MFPs

Choosing a color copier can be an overwhelming task. Comparing product lines and features and understanding complex lease terms and service agreements can be long and difficult.

Whether it’s a desktop copier, a high-volume manufacturing printer, or a complete office equipment setup, 1-800 Office Solutions is the photocopier leader that makes it easy to obtain the right equipment for your needs cost-effectively.

We carry most major brands, including Canon, Ricoh, Toshiba, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Copystar, Xerox, HP, Brother, and Sharp.

Managing Print Services (MPS)

At 1-800 Office Solutions, we've achieved ongoing success in the greater Bentonville by making copier leasing easy for businesses of all sizes.

Our award-winning copier repair service and instant online quote process have also contributed to our growth. We know that the quality of service and response time supporting the contract are crucial to the success of every copy machine lease in the Bentonville, Springdale or Bella Vistaarea. That's why we offer a range of top copier brands, including Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta, HP, Brother, and many others, with different options available in Bentonville, Springdale or Bella Vista area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy or lease a printer?

Buying a printer can be beneficial as it is almost always less expensive in the long run to purchase a printer or copier than it is to lease one. A printer is a depreciating asset, but you can recoup some of your investment as a used printer can be sold if it's no longer needed - a leased printer cannot be sold.

How much is a copier lease?

Copier leases regularly cost between $100 and $900 per month and low-volume copy machines can be leased for a little as $65/month. Used office copiers cost an average of $4,000 to buy.

What is a copier lease?

Copiers leasing is a service for businesses and individuals who are hoping to obtain a copier lease or replace their current copier lease.

Is it better to lease or buy office equipment?

Generally speaking, leasing any given piece of equipment is more expensive than buying it outright. Despite this cost difference, there are many good reasons to lease, including the upfront cost of purchasing office equipment. Unlike a purchase loan, an operating lease agreement may require little or no down payment, conserving cash.

How much does a copier cost?

$13,000 is the average cost for a new copier capable of printing up to 55 ppm. This can rise to $35,100 for heavy-volume copiers with large workloads. Copier leases can cost between $195 to $920 a month. Used office copiers cost an average of $5,800.

How do printer leases work?

With Printer Leasing there is a contract between a finance company and the customer. This gives the customer the right to use the equipment over the period of the rental.

What Commercial copier price factors In?

You know what commercial copiers are, but do you have a rough idea of how much they cost? We’re going to break them down into 3 categories: economic copy machines for small offices or home use, mid-tier models that will work well in larger environments, and high-end models which may be best suited for businesses with more needs.

So how do you ensure you get the best deal on a copier?

Price comparisons are especially important for office copiers because there are so many extra features and functions that can drive up the cost. A simple black-and-white copier may only cost a few hundred dollars, but a color copier with scanning and faxing capabilities could easily run into the thousands. It's important to know what features you need and want in a copier before you start shopping, so you can narrow down your options and find the best price. When shopping for a new copier, one thing to remember is how often you plan on using it. If you don’t require a lot of speed from your machine, then there’s no need to invest in one that’s very fast.

How do I Lease An Office Copier in the Bentonville, Springdale or Bella Vista area?

To lease an office lease an office copier in the Bentonville, Springdale or Bella Vista area, fill out the form and receive a custom commercial copier lease quote in an instant.

In the Bentonville, Springdale or Bella Vista area, many businesses opt for copier leasing due to the high efficiency of toner usage. Multi-function copiers offer higher yields on every print compared to Brother or HP printers, resulting in lower ink and toner costs and increased capabilities. In fact, if you print more than 1,000 prints per month on an inkjet printer, you may already be paying more than what a full multi-function copier can offer. Additionally, full-size or commercial photocopiers can scan an average of one page per second, making them much faster than smaller desktop models.